All purpose Magnusson.

I have a simple idea, a Magnusson that works on contraptions. For example, you make a car or a walker or something, pick up the all purpose Magnusson with the grav gun and fire it at the contraption. It would attach on it and behave like a normal Magnusson on a strider. You would then shoot the all purpose Magnusson and it would blow apart, undoing all of the welds and other constraints on your contraption. I would really appreciate anyone making this, or even telling me why they don’t want to.

I’m sure that Huricaaane made this, but I’m also sure he never released it.

Shame. I will look for it under his name…

Cool idea, I would like to see this made.

I made a stickybomb that lobs a small explosive a short distance and sticks to whatever it hits.

That sounds good. Do you think you could base an all purpose magnusson of the code you used?