All Quiet Along the White Forest - 4 dead combine mothafuckas

experimenting with blood, mostly. compare it with the original

The blood has a nice perspective, well edited there.

I like it :).

all along the watchtower


this looks decent

I like it!

That’s awesome.
The title’s a hats off to “All quiet on the western front”?

Good movie title reference. Love the perspective. I can’t think of a bad thing to say.

Sweet, looks like the combine with the nail stuck to his head is rotting. Cuuuuuuul

The atmosphere is awesome, and the bolted combine head’s edit is nice.

I like the pool of blood.

The blood puddles have abit too much depth to it around the rim. While blood can and does pile, it piles up around the source.

this is really good

ill take your word for it lol

That’s quite the blood. Did you retexture too?

This is good, but iRifles look better if left laying on the side that doesn’t have their magazine. That’s really the only thing I can point out about this screenshot and it is just personal preference. You even remembered to put bullet holes in the walls. That is generally forgotten by most.

Could you give me a little hint on how you did the lighting on that? Could be used for flashlights and such. The sunbeams are really good.

if you’re using the gimp it’s fairly easy

draw up a selection with a fairly high feather setting

use the paintbrush (i use the fuzzy brush) at an appropriate transparency and fade out level and draw the beam

mop up any unwanted light