All Rand

This is a video i made a while ago.
It had it’s première on DreamHack Winter last year.
I actually got first price for it so i thought why not share here?

Live at DreamHack


I hope you like it.

wow this is totally epic sakarias, never knew you made video’s like these. I’ve only known you for your easy engine addon man!

origanl ideas. well presented, gman part was brilliant idea, very unique. and congratz on getting it on DreamHack Live!

thought you could’ve made the “eat whats left of the ship” better by recording the ship in greenscreen and the mask each part of the ship keyframe by keyframe so it looks like its getting chomped away and with the “om nom nom” sound effect.

get what I’m saying? anyways brilliant job.

I hate all rand.

All Rand is awesome.

How the hell did that got first prize? I only liked the beginning of the part with the Heavy.

It wasn’t like the other videos I guess.
It was really tight between second and first place (vote difference was below 1 percent).
Most of the other videos was just crap. There were only about 4 videos that weren’t crap.
People submitted videos showing windows xp skins and such things.