All reflective things goes chessboard.

How to solve zat?

You could at least provide pictures.

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oh wait you did pardon me

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At this stage, all I could recommend is verifying your cache. It may recover a missing texture.

It’s the map. The cubemps are broken or are not compiled. Run ‘buildcubemaps’ in the console. If it’s a map from the workshop, you’re SOL.

cubemaps are a fucking terrible shader for screenshots anyway. make an autoexec with “mat_specular 0” or add that line to the bottom of config.cfg

That depends completely on the quality of the map and the quality of the material work. Completely discarding them outright without even trying to see if they’ll look good is like taking a tool out of a sculptor’s toolbox and throwing it in the trash.

I have no idea what you just said, but it sounds important. Can you elaborate?