All Rust Servers.. Unbearable.

Hey Facepunch, just wanting to see if anyone else is encountering my problem… it seems every Rust server I try to play on is well, unbearable to play on… the amount of network lag is rediculous, I’ll walk for 5 minutes just to realize I’ll lag half the map backwards, or I died 30 seconds ago… or I’ll try to pull out my torch but it will stay on my rock, things like that. It’s certainly not FPS lag, I have a great computer, I play all kinds of MMO’s but I’ve never encountered lag like this, even though it’s not FPS I’ve tried all the basics, lowering the graphics… grass.on false grass.displacement false. Nothing I try can get rid of the network lag, the game looks great, I’d love to play, but if every servers is going to act like this for me I feel almost cheated out of my $20 bucks.

I’ve tried both official and community servers, I’ve even looked up some online with the lowest ping, and almost no players, sometimes I have “tolerable” lag for a few minutes, then it gets rediculous and I get disconnected, now sure my ISP isn’t the best… Comcast with 22 megabits down and like 4 up or somewhere around there, but it should be good enough to run this, and as I said, no trouble in any other online game.

Thanks a bunch,

Its your internet maybe
also do u have anything run in the background?

I only have issues on pve server with giant building, or official server. My server runs great for everyone that plays on it. Not sure what would be causing this. Try checking your packet loss here That would cause it if there is something wrong with the line. Otherwise try a low pop server located close to you.

Nope. I play with about a dozen people and none of us have this problem.

I’ve seen countless Let’s Plays and never seen this problem from those videos.

I’m guessing you need to find a server with a lower ping (search by ping in the list).

That is bad, I get better than that on my mobile,

Either way i don’t think it is you connection. What setting do you choose on the start-up?

Try using Fastest or one of the other settings.

Make sure your not running anything in the background

Try closing all browser windows. I had a similar problem on a slightly older comp, and it had something to do with open browser windows. Restart comp and only open Rust.
Ultimately this sounds like an internet connection, packet loss, ping, or bandwidth problem,

That is a really good connection speed. I usually get around 100-300 ping 1-2mbps download and 0.2-0.5 mbps upload. Packet loss is between 0-50% I get 75 ping on a good day. I can still play rust fine. Not sure why people complain about lag.