-- ♘[ALL] Rustocalypto A/D 15+Drops|Econ|PVP|Sleepers|MiniGames♘-- 75 Max Player Limit

On 23/04/14 the server was started our player count is increasing, not that the amount of players matter. But you are guaranteed to have fun on this server and might want that chance to get ready for when we are BIG,


Admins - Friendly, Active, No Abuse, Take care of the players and most of all Play the Game and have done for a lot of hours before setting up the server.
Magma Modded
Airdrops 15+
Player Limit 75
Mini-Games - Arenas are being built - Win the prizes in the arena, get yourself kitted out
Anti-Cheat System in place
Wipes only done when an update forces it to happen. Our server won’t clog or lag when there are a lot of bases etc.
Weapon degrade @ 1/4 of what it is when the server is entirely unchanged = Longer lasting weapons + a sense of ‘realism’

If you have a recent VAC ban you will not be allowed in. Sorry but no-one likes a cheater on a multiplayer game. Deal with your crappy playing elsewhere.

A guarantee you will have fun and enjoy yourselves on this server



Jail - You can be sent to jail if you are an A*** - this does not mean you cannot play the game how it is meant to be played, just don’t be a bully or do something unnecessarily harsh

Economy Mod - You can buy and sell items, you can set bounties on other players, you can bank your money to protect it, you can withdraw it go on spendng sprees and kit yourself out with full kev, m4 and a load of ammo. Go on a killing spree. Of course that’s if you want to do that.

Recycling Mod- The Recycle system allows you to type /recycle itemname itemamount and you will get back a percentage of the item in resources. Not all items can be recycled.

Ranking Mod - Curerntly not working but when it is - When you get a certain killcount you get certain weapons etc. You can be good or bad and it will change with each kill you make. Become part of the police force and respond to people’s emergency calls.

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If anyone has any concerns or anything before joining as well feel free to ask me on here or the steam group for this server:

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If you are concerned about your ping from another country don’t be, i’m renting through a really good provider with an almost guaranteed low ping rate globally.

This server is definitely going to be open for 3 months and will be open for longer provided the player count is maintained etc.

We Need: -

  • Friendlies
  • Bandits
  • Raiders
  • Rustys

To all new players - When joining you are given 15 minutes of PVE time, you can logoff and log back on, this does not mean you will not be killed when asleep, that can still occur, it means you have 60 mins of in-game time to gather and prepare yourselves.

If you attempt to injure another player or try to break a base, even with a rock you lose all PVE time.

Another two mods that have been added: -

An advanced death message Indicator which gives you all the gory info about the players death or if they are bleeding out. Also if the victim is killed using a weapon with the ‘assailant’ being out of the maximum range using that weapon they will be automatically kicked and banned. This has been tested and in no way undercuts the maximum range so if you are kicked and banned and you feel it is unfair or unjust, send us a message trhough the steam group or to an admin please.

You can also now recover arrows from any animals or people that you kill if done with a bow and arrow, you won’t get every single one back. But you will get some!!

Hi! :slight_smile:

Now that i have played a while on the last server BoomStick had i have a notice how good an owner he is
And have good admins they don’t abuse and help when i or someone else need help.

plz play on this server becuase Boomstick is the best owner and are a great friend i have played on this server for at wile and i still like this server so plz play on it

This is one of the best servers what i have seen, and Boomstick is very good owner and admin, because he is like always online :smiley:

i have played on this server for at wile and i think that i will play for many hours here in the future actively!!

So just, keep playing on it!

server looks decent after baout an hour. the ping is amazing. im from NA and server is in UK and i only have 90 ping :open_mouth:

Get your last chance to start on this server, willing to hand out some wooden bas ebuilding supplies and a p250 with some ammo, alongside your standard starter kit

Admins are friendly and active. They are also open to suggestions and try to keep games fair and fun. Mods are chosen carefully and so far seem to only add to the game rather than take away from it.
Server is fast and reliable. Cant really ask for more! I get a great ping in the UK.

First Arena is halfway through being built. Expect to be in it winning YOUR GLORY and PRIZES tomorrow… watch this space

this server should be some good fun need people to join and be some good rivals that wont get slapped so easily. p.s boom is a great owner who looks after his community

Everyone always says how they are looking to get away from abusive admins and asshats, simply put this server is great. Fun core community thats growing by the rust day! i hope to see u there soon XD.

Bump it up! Admin is amazing! the player base is strong i would love to see more people lets get the airdrops rolling!

I want to post a new update about the server. We get great admins and great support if you need something. The only thing the server needs is players! I will be happy if like 10 ppl join the server.


Where are you, you are all missing out on the fun.