All servers downs ?

Since 5 minuts, all my friend and me are bloqued to: Facepunch_Connector_AuthTimeout
No servers listed :confused:

Same here…

same here… maybe iz update :? :DDD im updating my server right now… maybe i can join again :smiley:


Oups double thread:

same here!

This made me flip a table, I know some people can still connect to some servers. I was looking in my history and a server had 2/50 people… As alot more were disconnected for this reason.

I got the same problem…

“Found 49 players on 9 servers” Yeah whole network must be down for a patch/update something.

yah, I just had time to see an angry bear with my arrow in his behind turn around before everything went out suddenly. I have a feeling I won’t like waking up :stuck_out_tongue:

Any idea what can be causing this? I just started playing this week, can’t find anything about an update anywhere. Maybe a problem on facepunch’s server side?

I cant even find servers, just my history… does anyone know whats going on ? I guess its not a update cause they didnt said anything about that…

Yep, all servers down. I just punched my dog and killed my wife!

Yes servers are down. I freaked out cause I was adding mods to my server thinking I messed something up.

haha infusednz nothing like your character being out in the wild with a full bags and you can’t get back in

i hope its the update! and that they will put that on ther site! :smiley:

now STEAM is down … the apocalypse comes !!!

this one makes me laugh! haha nice one :smiley:

but bad things are going to happen yes… everyone is freaking out…

The servers aren’t actually down, STEAM servers/authentication is down.

Steam crashing everyday… my god, best service ever.