All singleplayer maps stop loading on "Initializing game data" because of an addon

So I never really encountered any problems with garrysmod, but just 2 days ago I installed an addon call "Dynamic Shadows v1.2. Then I proceeded to type in the fix that the creator of the addon suggested to do if we didn’t see any changes. I used the game launch options and typed in the following code:

" -force_vendor_id 0x10DE -force_device_id 0x1180"

Now the game won’t load up any of my maps as the loading stops on “initializing game data”. I tried removing some addons, re-installing Garry’s mod, verifying integrity of game cache, and even typed “-autoconfig” to put things into default, and I even removed the addon “Dynamic Shadows v1.2” but still, the game doesn’t load up any of my maps. Can anyone here help me out please? I tried to contact the creator of the addon but he still haven’t replied yet. Thanks :slight_smile: