All sorts of exiting items just waiting for it's taker in the post apocalyptic waters

Quite indeed.

Dunno what he is aiming at, maybe he noticed something moving there?

What sort of post apocalypse is this? One where stuff from 1940 gets mixed with the present?

I like it, could you take a shot of the boat thingy from above?

Boat is junk-ish and lots of garbage.

I never save my poses, so can’t take a pics of it anymore D:

I was looking at the C47 in the background.

Seems like it fits well in the garbage section too in it’s current condition.

That’s a comfy looking boat.

It’s when The world Dissapears into the Bermuda Triangle thats why there’s a C-47 lol

Funny how there’s not a single ammunition box/chain for the minigun.
He’s pretty well equipped for a post apocalypse :confused: