All Sounds Replaced with My Voice Fixation

Now, why did i put this post up? because i was absolutely annoyed by the “All Sounds Replaced with My Voice!” Download. At first it was funny, all those little funny sounds made was quite fun, but after a while, i felt like a four-year old was mimicing all the sounds that were made in the game out loudly in my ear, and i wanted to kill that four-year old. I tried to find sound files from half life 2 but el zilcho, nothing. I checked the websites and the only known solution thus far was to literally wipe out all the downloads, replacing G-Mod. I didn’t want to do this, at least i didn’t want to do that at that time, but i found 3 good solutions into getting rid of those annoying sounds once and for all! (I don’t want to criticize about the download, it is a brilliant funny download that provides that motivation towards making your own sounds!)

  1. This was the one i didn’t want to do, and this will get rid of all the sounds in the sacrifice of losing the rest of your downloads. What you do, is first you go to your regular garrysmod folder, the second one, not the first, and rename it to anything but garrysmod, like “crappy garrysmod shit” or “old garrysmod”, i don’t care. Next, you run garrysmod just like you would regularly play it. Once so, Valve will have created a new clean garrysmod folder, which you can use to once again move your old files over or do the whole process through the website once again.

  2. This is my highest suggestion for ridding yourself of the sounds (without file crunching in the process). First, go on the website for a download of GCFScape, a extractor for much of the valve content files. Have you ever noticed those crappy iconized images with “half life content” or “garrysmod content”? Those are GCF files, and contain all or most of the files contained in garrys mod or half life, such as the sounds. This will get quite confusing, if you’ve seen my “how to correctly download files” thread, this process is much like it, except you’ll probably spend about almost half an hour melding files with other files, but it will get the job done. If you miss something, you will have to end up moving to method one just like I had to, so TRY YOUR HARDEST!

  3. I am working up on trying to use the GCFScape files into making downloads on the Garrys Mod website so you can instantly get the files without extracting or downloading GCFscape. Once i do, this step will become valid.

I hope this helped, pleace incriminate my methods if you like!

  1. Best suggestion. Easy to do, and you don’t lose your addons/maps/anything not in the sounds folder. Although I guess you could just delete the sounds folder for the same effect.

  2. A bit pointless - takes up more space. If the sounds folder is gone in garrysmod, it’ll use the ones from HL2 and will replace the folder itself.

  3. Don’t do that, uploading valve files would be warez. Option 1 is the best.

You can get all the sound files from HLDS tool. Hardly warez, I believe someone on here said something along the lines of all that content, a game does not make.

Still shouldn’t be permitted to upload to just to fix a problem. It’s way better just to follow option 1, the general cure all for addon related problems.

Why would you download “all sounds replaced by my voice” and not back up your old stuff? I’ve never used it but from your description, it sounds like it replaces original sound files. Seems kind of dumb to do that in the first place.

It’s hard to when you don’t know how, the files are now all cached in those GCF files that i was talking about, and once again, option one would be the best suggestion if you wanted to delete all your addons, but option 2 is more suggested if your just going to delete those stupid sounds.

Move addons etc (but not sounds) out of the garrysmod folder. Move them back after the garrysmod folder has been recreated.


Ok… i like the second option because it ACTUALLY TAKES CARE OF THOSE FUCKING SOUNDS!