All stackable containers in my house missing

Logged in after the patch today and every storage container that wasn’t on the floor is gone. Relogging, reloading didn’t fix it. They might have been there until I removed a nearby building piece (block). Not supporting the boxes, just nearby. If this is a bug I’d suggest not logging in until next patch if you stack boxes. Went from rich to broke.

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Just found one stack of boxes but the rest are gone. I saw the before and after and nobody is on the serverge so it wasn’t C4. Metal building on a tall rock.

If a deployable is placed on the ground with no structural support under them then any falling/broken building blocks near by will destroy… well remove them from existence. I lost a lot of stuff before figuring that out. However I did log in today after making a quick camp and the near by unsupported deployables I had placed were nowhere near a building but were missing(no player took them).

Same problem here, lost a lot of stuff. :frowning:

Is this a common occurrence with updates? I guess I shall only put items of value on ground boxes for now.

I’ve only lost substantial time with one other update but I’ll take that over extra forced wipes any day.

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Loot is still pretty easy to come by anyway and I spend building materials as fast as I can so at least I didn’t lose a ton of metal.

Happened to me too. Campfires stacked on Boxes also disappeared. Luckily my guns were on a box on the ground.

Happened to me also. Had a small 1x2 for storage with 3 stacks of small crates. Each stack had 4 crates and had been like that for days. Went outside, added a small 1x1 addition and when I came back in there were only 3 crates on the floor. Lost tons of good stuff!