All Team Fortress 2 Maps now crash in Gmod ~Jungle Inferno update

Well everyone, the TF2 Jungle Update is now live! But the bad news is, all TF2 maps now crashes in Gmod, that’s right all of them every single TF2 map crashes in Gmod thanks to the Jungle update.

So we’re gonna have to wait for the Gmod developer to fix all the TF2 maps from crashing.

Okay so I’ve tried to open a non-TF2 map in Gmod and it turns out it crashes again. So yeah you can’t use TF2 for Gmod anymore because of the update, thanks Volvo.

All maps aren’t working right now

Are you using PAC3? It loads every particle available, and one of the TF2 particles got updated and doesn’t do well with gmod, so either turn PAC3 off or unmount Team Fortress 2.

If you’re not using PAC3, you should still try unmounting it.

I unsubscribed PAC3, didn’t work. I’ve replaced the new Flamethrower particles to the old ones, didn’t work. TBH, I use TF2 for Gmodding.

TF2 Gmodding is now RUINED!

I found the specific file that was crashing the game. Was the isotope particle files. This should work unless TF2 takes precedence over the addon.

This new update sure fucked us a lot.

i guess we have to wait for garry newman to update gmod as he usually does

He doesn’t update Garry’s Mod. Others at Facepunch do. Also, it’s a good idea to periodically cull your add-ons especially if you often jump from server to server.

Oi don’t drag our sweedspeed bois into this man. Even Volvo knows how to run valve better than valve does.

Robotboy fixed on the dev. If you can’t wait, I’ve made a temp fix.
Place this lua in a file under autorun/lua

old_game_Particles = old_game_Particles or game.AddParticles
function game.AddParticles(str)
	if str == "particles/weapon_unusual_isotope.pcf" then return end