All That Remains

Yet another 40k screenshot, using my custom Dark Angels 3rd Company skin.

No photoshop editing just plain in-game.


And he shall hate everything.

hate marines

And thus a new chapter of Spece Maranes is created

I hate Chaos.

must be a successor chapter of Angry Marines

less swear words, more hating


Just might have to make a new skin for the Angry Marines and as Joazzz suggested Hate Marines.

oh come on soon we’re gonna have 3 different angry marine skins

mine, radleys, yours

do the hate marines instead, might need to get creative with the colors tho

Brother Francis of the Dark Angels.

Epic win right there.

Ok, didn’t realise you and Radley already made them.

Could always try this instead

i’d say you go ahead and make one, then we can release all three versions in one bunch

I wanted to do the Rainbow Marines at one point, but I can only skin I can’t hex stuff for shit

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PMSing much?

You know what I don’t hate? I don’t hate The Emperor.

Thought this may of been something pertaining to the band “All That Remains”.

Well their new album is the catalyst for the title, the new album being called A War You Cannot Win, much like the last of the troops in this.

I hate heresy, and xenos, and Chaos…

I hate tardiness…