"All the Effort in the World..." - 7 Hour War Image

Birthday Gift for Mr.95(Alekos)

Wish him a happy birthday today!


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The hills are flatter than a pancake

Wonderful editing

It’s pretty good.

good job.

Nice job with the foliage.

Also: I see you, Mr. Pointing-at-us!

Me like.

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Oh, that bearded fellow, always pointing at invisible viewers.

This makes me wish I had my big screen back. If feel so constricted with my 1366x768.

You’re not using the Crysis Marines right if one of them isn’t pointing at you or at least in your direction.

The foliage looks a bit wierd. I mean, there are always several layers of the foliage:bushes, high grass, low grass etc.
And here we can see only bushes and flat texture of the ground.

Other than that, it looks pretty good.

Glorious scenebuild.

Wow awesome and where did you get the bradley from?

one of Dtmech’s packs, i don’t remember which one exactly