All The Lights In The Sky Are Stars

I actually like the fact that this is making fun of all the pansy-ass anime clichés.

The dialog managed to keep me reading all the comic.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have never watched more than 3 animes…

This is pretty much the best comic ever made.

Good lord.


Wait… what?

My sarcasm box is broken, so I’ll just say : another troll comic, report and move along.

This is actually pretty great.

Best troll comic ever.


i liked it op

good work

Wow get real.

Awesome, rated artistic.

An epic tale.

hey tht p cool

i didn’t know you guys watched anime


actually the show had all of those cliches and was making fun of it

Darker the one basically gmodized it


those lines are like

almost taken directly from the show

Man you put some time into making this.

Great work, looks good.