"All the wookiees are dead. Move to the east." A clone patrol in the night of Kashyyyk

If anyone can find the music used in this scene in Revenge of the Sith, please post it.


Original: http://www.1337upload.net/files/freespace06_v2night0063.jpg

Scenebuild: http://www.1337upload.net/files/freespace06_v2night0065.jpg

C&C, rebel scum.

Nice light and atmosphere. Again.

And the wookiees are dead? Good. They annoyed the fuck out of me in the movie.

I found gungans more annoying. Wookiees are awesome.

Well, their cries are pretty much pure ear rape.

Oh wow. Me likey.

You monster! D:

Kyssaak, Kraghh kyssaaak urraagh…


This thread is now about wookiees.

Aye. Gungan’s are insanely annoying. It just goes to show that George Lucas are surrounded by friends who lick the sweat of his balls rather than tell him that he should stop interfering in the movie making and let people with sane ideas do that for him.

Gungans were my favourite. D:

Did you edit in the fog or were you using a foggy version of Flatgrass (thats what it looks like from the scenebuild.)

And I meant the


, not Wookiees. A unforgivable mistake there.


Nope, I used Freespace06 V2 Night. I use it for all my night scenebuilds just because of the fog.

I find your lack of information disturbing.

That is correct.

I love the two moons! (:

That gave me a good chuckle.

beatiful picture the lighting of the walkers mix perfectly with the fog and looking at the picture is like a privelage i do not deserve

the star gods await

Poor wookiees. You’re always so good at recreating scenes. :golfclap:

Do the fight scene between the droids and the clone troopers!

Really amazing. I love the light.

Wow, it looks almost exactly like the scene in the movie. I love Wookiees by the way, but I find the Kallidahin more interesting. Someone ought to have a go at a model of them.

Going to do that.


Nice. Looks pretty good.

Could do with more contrast on an overlay layer or some gradients or something though because the lighting is a little flat.

Also, try and steer away from including so much ground in your pictures.

But, but, but…

What do you mean?

You did it in that Hoth picture before I beat you senseless about it. Just zoom in a little more and point the camera up a bit, and then crop if necessary if you don’t wanna zoom in so much that you lose some of the scenebuild.