all tools broken

When I select one of the tools for the tool gun it gives tons of errors and the tool wont work. this is with every tool, do i need to reinstall or do i need to do something else? please help me

Try to verify game files.
Go to steam, right click on Garry’s Mod, click on Properties, then go to the “Local Files” tab, and there click “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE…”


If that doesn’t work, reinstall Garry’s Mod.
If that isn’t working either, uninstall Garry’s Mod, then go to %steamdir%/steamapps/<username>/ and delete the “garrysmod” folder.


This may also help to reinstall:

if you reinstall, will all addons and savefiles be removed?


I reinstalled it, and i discovered that it only broke if i first select the weld tool when playing on one special savefile, i don’t know why it only is broken on that savefile

Because save files don’t like to work.
Seriously, don’t use them. As an alternative, use Wiremod’s Advanced Duplicator tool.

ok thnx for the hint