All Traitors Die (HL2 Screen)

One of the things that always disappointed me about HL2 was how black and white it was; the combine were the evil kitten stomping bad guys and the humans were the cut and dry underdog good guys. In reality, there would have been so much repressed animosity toward the combine from the rebels, and many of them would’ve taken it out on anyone or anything associated with the combine they could get their hands on. So to capture that darker side of the HL2 universe, I bring you this.


good angle and posing is p good for the most part too but the usage of hl2 maps is p disgusting to look at

There is nothing wrong with using the default HL2 maps, they can look very good as long as you get the lighting correct, the image probably would have looked better if there was less of the window shown (since that is a pretty ugly texture)

I actually wanted to use one of the Fakefactory maps but I decided to go with this one for some reason. Probably because these models would’ve looked really out of place with all the high quality stuff around em.

Where did you get those rebel models? I need more variety for my HL2 screens.

It’s the same Marine from Half-Life who could not spell Freeman right.

Get the HL2TnB Model pack off the workshop


Except that bit of grafitti was from Opposing Force when you first fight the black ops. Unless it WAS the same Marine and that’s where he died finally. The mystery of the illiterate Marine may go unsolved for generations…

Yo ho, I made a thread specifically for HL2-related screens, so if y’all make some HL2 screens you wanna share you can post 'em here.