All UK servers FUBAR!?

Anyone know what’s up with the official UK servers?

They’re all suffering from huge amounts of lag and rubber-banding, to the point of being unplayable.

I’m guessing it’s not just me either, as each server has only about 5-6 people on at present.

Well, looks like it’s another DDos attack…

Don’t use the official servers?
I honestly don’t understand why people even go on them. All they do is complain about wipes, and hackers. It’s so masochistic…

Well, it’s actually funny to play on them. I had most of my funniest moments on the Official servers. The only thing i can complain about, are the hackers. But they are on almost every Server. And which wipes do you mean? Never saw one in 2 months.

Oh I remember one guy whining on the steam community stub that Uk2 kept wiping everything? Bugged or something. I remember telling him why did he bother to stay if it kept wiping every 24 hours lol.

Yeah when i used to play Rust, Always UK3, The hacking and the rollbacks got real bad in the end tho!

Quit for a few months now and going just wait for the experimental to be fixed up before getting back on! Face punch team got way to much on right now to care about servers i think!

What is the reason u guys play on official servers? U guys don’t like mods or what…??

I can survive hackers, criers and griefs, but not Abusive admins private servers, and the newbies, who call you hacker, only because you shoot better then them (happens often in officials to)

Officials are harder than private servers.

I feel sad tho that the servers are getting ddossed again :/. Someone probably will ddos the server 3 days until all houses decay, if you think, its already 3th day starting .

DOS attack is back on.

Currently unplayable.


Still FUBAR last time I checked.

Lots of bodies lying around where they fell. Buildings starting to decay. If you play on a UK server then get on there and try to open/close your front doors… if the rubber-banding will let you.

Otherwise you’re going to log back on to an empty patch of grass.

Used to play UK3 (bout 200hrs on that server) As it was always up and always fast, had big max player limit too and was always full, Was the best for none stop PvP and raids, but then the cheaters all came and messed it up!

I prefer official servers but they are all apparently getting ddos’ed right now. Officials never wipe unless an update forces it, there are no admins (which sucks because of hackers but at least there is no admin abuse, no favoritism, and no unjustified bans), and no mods (I don’t like mods, I like vanilla). There’s usually more traffic in terms of new players and in general they are more difficult, more punishing, and less forgiving to play on.

^ That’s precisely why I like the official servers, despite the downside of hackers.

They also have a sense of ‘history’: old gigantic bases that are crumbling away; landmarks that can aid navigation, etc. They feel lived in.