"All units, all units! Suspect "Scorpio" located! Intercept immediately!" (Viper & Joazzz)


Huge thanks to Joazzz for the sexy edit!



Picture heavily inspired by Just Cause 2, thanks to Joazzz the soldiers even received some panauan red on their gear!

[SP]Also, all of the vehicles in the image (except for the UAZ jeeps) will be featured in FloaterTWO’s upcoming CoD: BO vehicle release![/SP]

C&C appreciated!


[insert bad Asian acting here] “Hostile Spotteda, attack attack!”
Very beautiful scene Viper!

Holy tits. I love it.

jesus christ the aliasing on the guy on the vehicle

This is a good picture, the editing from Joazzz makes it.

good tag team 10/10 would wwe again

we’re dropping like flies here SEND MOORE YOONITS

i should have blurred him me finks

don’t wanna be “that guy” but any idea when the vehicles are being released?


And excellent work Viper and Joazz, it looks fantastic. I love how the headlights on the UAZs on the right side look.

mega sharpening on the guy on the hood.

Really cool. Nice work, you guys.

He got some wierd camo AND snow on him so that probably increased the effect, not much i can do about it though.

This is truly an amazing pose, and the collaborative effort payed off. Only problem is the Aliasing on the snow camouflages. Great job guys.

There’s quite a lot of JPEG artifacting and antialiasing, but otherwise it’s great.

Cut down a bit on the contrast on top of him, super minor blur and a heavy use of Fade on the sharpening.

The yellow rimlight on the car should have had a larger falloff. And I don’t know what’s up with the camo on the guy riding the car, but it’s super distracting.

Other then that, fantastic image as always.

ye i was a bit lazy with that bit

there’s no JPEG artifacting, only a rather strong sharpening filter (i love sharpening i do what i want)

what the heck is Fade? i use GIMP it doesn’t have whatever fancy feature that is

I swear I have like, JPEG myopia or something because I’ve literally never been able to tell genuine JPEG artifacts.

Get a life and eat ssome doritos with mountain dew and play cod just cause is so old sh*t school

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