"All units, Delta 620 has gone rouge. Shoot Delta 620 on sight!"

Just a quick one to test out my new widescreen monitor.


Posing really good overall, angle is pretty good, and the editing is nice. Good work pal!

yep, it works. good test.


Those shotguns are quite neat

The jpeg quality ruins the atmosphere.

Awesome atmosphere, the scene in general looks great.

it’s like that cylcops dude in the back is surfing down the stairs on another combine’s body

Delta 620. A Republic Commando reference perhaps?

You do know the difference between Rogue and Rouge? Right?

It reminds me of an old comic where a Combine remembers what he was before (a human) and decides to remove his mask and go rogue…

.JPG Quality 100 :pseudo:


Oh crap. :bang:
I should have checked first.

Is this a referrence to that F.E.A.R. 2 DLC?

I would love a spin-off where you play as a rogue combine.

Anyway, nice picture!

Anyway, nice picture!

The two on the left look wierd.