"All units Fall back!" - us army pose




Cool picture, guys face lacks emotion though… what was the point of the UAV if you ended up taking it out :S

It looked very suck so I removed. lol

Also I noticed that there is a butterfly in your picture :stuck_out_tongue:


lol it’s kinda dust lol

I didn’t notice the butterfly. I noticed the breasts in your profile picture though.

I like the edit,although the edit is stiff, it is still a very good pose. And damn, who is this


^Sorry if off topic.

Gemma Atkinson, broseph.

breast topic?

Nice picture, but I don’t think that the soldier should be looking at the camera.

this thread is now about gemma atkinson’s tits lol

On to the pose, the debris seems very dark and not really like dirt, but blackish brown specs.
The smoke looks kinda fake at the top too.

but it is good

wow very battlefield bad company 2 syle :wink:

Pretty nice. I like the dusty impact editing.

His neck seems weird.

The visible ArmA logo made me lol.