all UV maps are broken on my weapons

Every weapon, unless it’s a default weapon, it has blackness where the model should be, Example:

(on the other 2 guns it’s on the opposite side, I had to hide it)
on the image above, the circled FAMAS’s scope is all black due to a broken UV, same with the top of the weapon.
If you need more pictures of the broken UV map I can go on gmod and get more pictures.

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Here’s a better picture

Graphics bug perhaps? Because majority of the model is textured correctly and it only appears to be happening to a few tris on each model.

Maybe, is there anyway of fixing it?


It’s like the 5th thread on this thing… the only fix is to buy a new graphics card. This problem wasn’t happening before, but after Valve did a global Orange Box engine update, some older cards started getting black triangles. There’s nothing wrong with models. These appeared on my older graphics card even on the ORIGINAL MODELS IN TF2 (Big Medikit is a very blatant example).

My older GFX card: Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT
Current one:Nvidia GeForce 240 GT