All walls for me just desapeared

Hey i want to report!!! All walls cellings and other things desapeared! Please fix if you can, with regards to Garry


You have to be more specific, show evidence, tell us in detail what exactly happened. Whatever you just said makes no sense and can lead to thousands of different scenario’s.

Well i explained every thing i saw, i had a house when a spawned last time there were no house only doors and boxes o yeah camp fires also i could go to some one’s box and take staff from there, i think thats enogh

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I think thats because of new update

same here

I’m also not very good in english so sorry

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Can some one inform Garry about it cause i don’t know how?

My brother logged on and he can take everything through peoples walls, i can see it myself. all crates can be taken , he just walks through walls. PLEASE rollback / close servers as people are able to abuse this and take everything. I’ll add screens soon. If you’re playing pick up everything out of your crates now.

People are raiding my base taking everything out of crates!!!

Yeah,this is happening to everyone pretty much…I suggest a rollback so people get their stuff back.All the crates have been looted,and I spawn in thinking im safe inside a house while a guy with a 9mm outside my former house shoots me.GG all loot.

For me to.

Garri HELP US!

I just grabbed all my stuff and disconnected as soon as I could, before I got killed.

There will be roll back so don’t worry

I saw this yesterday too… and today when i logged on i saw the same, but even more. Also my browser froze after a few minutes of playing. :confused:

Everyone that logs in currently has walls. stairs, foundations, pillars, and ceilings invisible and can walk through them. Boxes. doors, beds, and the little shit huts are visible. Players are walking through people’s bases and stealing everything and shooting through the invisible buildings. Also I’m not normally lagging or having lag spikes on Rust but a lot of other players and I are experiencing it. I’d suggest a wipe of everything ^.^

NO WIPE! Just a little roll back! Thats because of new files added today i think

Won’t this happen again after a small rollback?

No if they roll back files

A wipe is needed… Badly… You cant spit in any direction without hitting a structure.

so is a ‘roll back’ restoring to a previous time?

i just logged on too and was OMG my house nooooo lol kind of relieved that its not just me :stuck_out_tongue:
wait and see now then i guess

Yes, they restore old files