All you have to do, Is follow the worms.


I’d rather not :tinfoil:


I thought you said you’d stop doing Pink Floyd stuff

all you had to do was follow the worms, cj!

you a busta, pink. strait busta.

That’s creepy

i am glad i have scared at least one person

About a year ago me and my friends raided a dumpster at half-price books and got a crate full of books and left it in my garage. Remember, as per the 1988 Supreme Court ruling in California vs Greenwood it is perfectly legal to go through someone’s trash and take shit, and the same goes for businesses unless they have a sign posted saying otherwise.

Anyway, we needed money today, so we sold the crate back to that very same half-price books and got only $5.50 for the entire crate of books.

So we were like “fuck it man, let’s go get mcdonalds”

On the way to mcdonalds we stopped by the Art Institute where my friend takes classes and gave a VHS copy of Fantasia (half price books won’t accept VHS tapes if they have no sleeve) to this guy who was probably really high. We just pull up alongside the bench he’s sitting at and we’re like “hey, want a free movie?”, and he’s like, “hell yeah”, and he comes up and he perks up all happy like “Oh my God it’s Fantasia”, like it blew his fucking mind, and then we drove off. We made that guy’s fucking day.

So we get to mcdonalds and we’re waiting in the drive-through while the people inside struggle with the concept of a plain order, and once we get our food, we just park 5 feet away and blast some ska-punk while we eat our burgers. I ate 2 burgers really quickly while I was driving and it’s been like 5 hours since that, but I have really crazy heartburn. Is there anything I can do to at least alleviate it? It really sucks.

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im sorry for ur boss…

How is this even relevant.