All you touch and all you see, Is all your life will ever be.

yes, this is GMod.

Barely looks like it at all. That’s… A good thing I guess?

Acid is one hell of a drug

oh i get it you mean like the pic is so bizzare and usually ppl on drugs do bizarre things???

I love that song, but I don’t like the pic so much. It doesn’t really look good or appealing or meaningful in any way.

Hmmm, could you show us the picture before you edited it?

Whoa, thats amazing!
Well done!

dont know why i should have to considering the usage of hl2 sprites is obvious but

looks like a pre-mature bubz esque thing

yay i got a genre

For you non-floydians

whoah, this is trippy
great work on the background colours


the lunatic
is in my head

[editline]5th June 2012[/editline]

the lunatic is on the grass

remembering games
and daisy-chains and laughs
got to keep them loonies on the path