"Allah Akbar!" - Militiaman is shooting to Special Force Guy.



*Not Offensive to Muslims.

My eyes.


Lacks focus. You can’t blur everything.

Well done, but the militiaman can’t shoot for shit.

Tone it down just a little bit on the brown, I thought it was gears of war for a second.

At least ddok is true about one thing :v:

But islam is a peaceful religion. :downs:

Where are my glasses

Yeah, and if you don’t believe it…



Tocalah Hadah!

Tango Suckah!


Hehe, that’s the first thing that came to mind.
Anyway, your screenshot is amazing. I honestly can’t think of any way to make it better.

Let’s not derail the thread now with the obligatory OMG TURRURISTS ARE ALL MOOSLIMS replies.

In any case, I liked the screenshot, although I’m not too keen on the brown/sepia effect. I can understand if it was part of the SHEFing technique you used (if you used one), but other colours are good too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah, oh wow.

That site lost it’s credibility in like few minutes when I scrolled down a bit.

Should have eased off on the blur. Posing and cam angle looks ok.

As for the religion of peace. It basically goes like this.

Tactical Header

Tango Sucker.


Your Mother.

Wow lol, really?

Posing’s flawless overall. The graininess and desaturization are excessive though, the tracers look like they’re going in an entirely different direction, and just how exactly can you miss from all of about ten feet away? You could spit on him he’s so close. Why would those two be running out in the open when not only is there viable concealment behind them, but an excellent defensive area anyway? Really, All these MW2 action scene poses are getting really dull, go against common sense, and generally don’t capture the messiness, intensity, suspense, and acts of desperation of a more realistic shootout pose.

Muslims and muslism extremists are different things, anything done in an extreme way is often unhealthy/bad, anything from alcohol to politics. The regular muslims declared a Jihad to defend themselves from crusaders, extremists just use it as an excuse to be assholes.

If you see these guys as muslims, then nazies were christians.


And yes, I’m an atheist, but I defend muslims since it so easily turns into a racial thing.