"Allah akbar!" - Two middle east guys' charging.


I think its Allahu akbar.
Anyway, once again, generic as picture. But it being generic doesnt mean its bad, infact i think it is awesome, May i just ask what ragdolls they are?

CoD 4 OpFor

nope, someone hacked them: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=66430

i like this

Guy on the right’s like -.-

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or more like o.O

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actually in between o.O and -.-

that hummvee where from?

Behind the explosion was from?


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fx effect

The second one looks like he just farted and he’s trying not to laugh. Give me all your “dumb” ratings.

Allahu Akbar means:
“God is greater.”

Great picture. But the second one looks a bit too happy.

Btw you kinda overdid the contrast, the muzzleflash is blending in with the building

Well with the exception of bloom, I think it’s excused. :\

It’s nice, but to help you get better, the guy on the right seems to to be a little TOO relaxed

It’s a trap.

hey boys

Cool guys don’t look at explosions

Oh hey look, it’s that picture again.

The sky seems too gray for the shot.

In a warzone, the sky tends to get very smoky. Especially in areas where building have been blown straight to kingdom come.