Alleged Broken Compiler

I’ve been working on a map, it mainly consists of displacements. I tried compiling it two days ago, it took an hour and I had quite a few errors associated it, especially getting “Windows cannot find the file specified” at the end of the compile.

I gave the same .vmf to PhoneBooth, he compiled it in two minutes without any errors. Note that him and I have the same computer specifications.

I also gave the .vmf to HighDef, he compiled in five minutes.

This has lead me to believe that something is wrong with my compile. I’ve tried various things such as reinstalling. I don’t think it’s effective. I’ve come to the point where I’d like to delete everything associated with Steam and reinstall to get rid of this error.

Here’s what happens when I compile (in-game):

Above the water:

The same spot, under the water:

For some reason, above the water it doesn’t draw brushes, only displacements. As you can see, it draws the displacements as well as the brushes underwater.

Here is my compile log, though I don’t think it’s accurate since PhoneBooth’s and HighDef’s compile logs are completely different and without errors.

Try deleting sourcesdk folder and refreshing SDK content