AllGamer ≈=≈ Build 24/7

Greetings fellow members of Facepunch! Team AllGamers was founded just a few weeks ago and we have recently released a Garry’s Mod Server for the public to play on. Our clan is about having fun and experiencing new things in gaming. We currently have 8 Counter Strike: Source servers and 1 Garry’s Mod Server and will consider bringing out more servers for Garry’s Mod (TTT, RP etc).

The server specifications are as follows;

-Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon 5320 1.86GHz
-6 x 137GB SAS Drives Raid 10
-8GB DDR2 667mhz

You can find our website and forums here:
And our server list here:

Here is a list of our current add-ons that may be important to you:

A few screenshots:

We hope to see you soon!

Also please note: I am still editing this thread. Suggestions are appreciated!

Update: We are currently configuring a RP server, RP build and freta server. So be sure to keep checking our website for updates!