Alliance Soldiers Fell Down an Elevator Shaft


the lighting is quite nice, but the posing seems to get stiffer the further to the right that you look.

still quite cool.

but why did they fall lol

Because your avatar came around the corner just when they were about to use the elevator :v:

I read “loltitles” as “loltitties.”

Thanks for the critique! It was supposed to look as if the soldier was “un-straightening” out and getting up off of his stomach, Cawwadooty style. :V


Love it! How’d you manage to get such great lighting on the soldier’s body?

Thanks so much! I just used a really simple two light setup with a whitish blue light and then a deep red one, which when combined with the in game lighting of the fire, gave it the finished result.

Fell down the shaft inside an elevator? Or just fell down an empty one? Either way i think you’d be pretty fucked up

depending on how many upgrades you get, it’s possible for bones in ME to be nigh-on unbreakable. plus medi-gel has a stupidly large amount of applications.

anyways, mass effect fields are the answer to everything

Fell down on top of it. That’s what I came up with. I honestly have no idea, so let’s just agree with Cone.

Very nice fire effects. Left hand of the soldier reaching for the rifle needs some fingerposing, though. the default hand looks odd.