Alliance/ War mode on rust suggestion.

I think this would be a great idea. Basically, there should be servers where every new player has to choose a side to play rust on and the goal is to dominate and control more areas. These areas would vary in resources so basically every alliance is fighting for resources. I think this idea would be a success in new rust. Anyone else agree?

This is explicitly against the intentions of the creators.

Feel free to make a mod, however.

what is a mod ?

You don’t even need a mod for this. The raid cam videos make me think of rust as an RTS game. You could have 2 or more admins that don’t fight, but fly around and give commands to their team. The players on the ground are like the troops they control.

I mean, this would actually be really fun, and I would play on a server like this. The admin could see the enemy coming and give commands to build fortifications, craft certain weapons, or collect different resources.

Again, admins can’t do anything except observe and command, they’re like the player clicking and ordering troops around.

Thankyou for agreeing with me. Dont get me wrong normal rust is fine and fun to play but it can get annoying playing by yourself so a server like this where you are put in a team can be a great way for rust players to enjoy the mulitplayer experience.

It would be a fun option for people that don’t want to sink as much time into the game. You’d want to set it up so both sides have all the BP’s, give them uniforms, and then have the teams start at opposite ends of the map.

Cupboards could be used to claim territory, and buildings could be constructed to house resources, weapons, tools, etc. Not sure if you can adjust the contents of crates in radtowns, but if so then you could set them to house a certain resource or weapon so that controlling one would give an advantage.

All kinds of things you can do with what’s already given you in the game. Additional options can be created by using Oxide 2.

someone needs to make this asap !

Host a server and do it.