"Allied Predator Missile Unbound"

Oh no, not the bloom rocket!

Okay, I’m gonna be as kind as possible in this post:

Your posing is extremely awkward. The CT that’s running looks like he’s a fat kid that just saw an ice cream truck.

The bloom is awful. It makes other stuff really hard to see, like how I can’t tell if the CT with the pad is actually holding it, or if you didn’t pose the fingers.

Use Super DOF, and if that’s what you’re using, hit render before you do anything else.

Just lurk and observe the quality of other poses in other threads. That’s what I did, and I’d say I’m half-way to being decent.

I know that is shit, blooms ruins all, super DOF crash the game with me, and the posing of css models is VERY hard…I had no idea, but i thought that be…funny ? :confused:

That’s no excuse to post bad content, and make a thread for it none-the-less.

And if you knew that it was shit, why post it? Seriously, dude.

if i had a nickel every time we have to go through this shit with a beginner…

…you would be a fucking billionaire

That’s the third time I post a picture, posing with the CSS models is VERY hard !
Apparently you don’t like that picture, but I love it. That is why I posted it.
The original Idea was VERY good.
The result is not (for you)

You may like it, but we don’t. We don’t want to open a thread to find a two minute pose with bloom rape and shitty posing.

I’m done here.

If you like it so much, keep it on your hard drive. No need for everyone else to waste their bandwidth on it.

-_-’ That is not a “two minute pose”, sorry :frowning:
Well…I’m not gonna delete this thread, for two reason :
First : I don’t know how to delete a thread :slight_smile:
2nd : Maybe someone likes it : there is 1x funny and 1x artistic
3rd : If someone doesnt like it…well he doesn’t write comment : If there is not enough bump, the thread will die by itself.

you should probably use different models if posing the CTs is difficult. they really don’t look very good.

ha. Not all funny and artistic ratings are always compliments.

few can understand our sick sense of sarcasm