Allied sniper

Hi, with the files of “Angry Frenchman”, I tried to pose one of the same ragdoll I used in my previous scenes.

View in HQ !

he’s off balance and a little wonky but your posing has improved greatly so well done with that

other than that, composition is still pretty crappy (character is cut off, way too much empty space at the bottom and right of the screen that does nothing. nothing to look at in the midground or background, all the detail in the foreground, no direction to look in, off-screen shooting etc. etc.) and the lighting is quite flat

well done at improving your posing though

Quite good, your posing is getting better.

He’s a little out of balance and the muzzleflash is pretty small.

Lol the improvement from your previous pictures in terms of posing is insane and that was simply replacing the phys?

The posing is a bit inaccurate though, the way he’s standing now he would fall over. But I think if you keep practicing you’ll be a capable poser in no time.

Your editing isn’t awfull, you obviously had some editing knowledge prior to gmod. Though, it would be fun to see you do something other then a desaturated picture. Eventhough you know how to do it properly (not desaturating it and killing all detail and color tones)

Also, there is no need to thumb it, this thread is dedicated to your picture and we all came here to look at it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

shouldn’t he be lying down while sniping? :v:

i like the picture, but the pose would have made itself better as just a regular soldier shooting someone. then there’s the left hand that’s gripping the rifle a bit strange and some minor stuff like that, but i do think you’re improving on your posing.

Yes, because all snipers must lay down to shoot.

no no, of course not, but i was just thinking, he would be quite exposed standing up like that. it also looks like he’s in some bell tower or something like that, in which case it would be rather stupid to risk getting spotted by someone.