Allied soldiers try to draw sniper out.

Newest attempt at applying new learned techniques, such as; Less crappy posing, using the camera, no birds eye view angles, turning my graphics up, and doing something relatable :smiley:

Cough… Um, chief that was more of a Russian and German tactic.

Except that the Soviets learned it from the Finnish. So it would make sense that the Allies would learn it from the Germans. Seeing as humans have a tendency to not step in the same pile of shit twice, and they also learn to put that shit pile to good use for themselves :slight_smile:

One of the American tactics to be pricks was to replicate the sound of the M1-Garands reload ping by taking one round putting it into a clip… Firing it off ,and make the enemies come to a trap with more guys in it who weren’t firing.

The guy sticking his head up kinda ruins the plan, no?

Not if the sniper is off screen to the right behind the buildings.

But anyways what can I do to improve? I did forget to depth of view and sharpen, and I guess I should start fiddling around with editing aswell, and the in game lighting came out bad.

its their own fault for trying to shoot at people who are reloading


Never use sharpen.
Be glad you forgot to do that.