Allies joking around. "So then the Lieutanent went out like this!"



Comment and stuff… this took probably a half hour to edit with lighting and what not.

Nice edit man but the guys face looks a little bit like a toy

How else would his face look? .-.

it only looks like that because of the lighting.

I have no clue to tell you the truth

little did they know german snipers had their crosshairs on them the whole time.

The hair edit is nice and subtle and the shading is good. I wonder why the pic is so small though…

Ehh… I think it looked better smaller.

In a 4 sided room with no windows? D:


I read Aliens and expected AVP.
Im sad now.
Seems pretty good but its horribly resized.

Black Paratrooper.

if there was AVP models that were good then maybe combine

it may be resized, but still looks good.

It looks pretty good to me. Where did the Airborne models come from?

There’s a place for it. I forgot what it’s called. Oh wait yeah, releases.

Anyways looks good. I like the editing, but what’s with that one guy’s hand/arm?

The reason I’m not a fan of resizing pictures is because:

  1. You can’t see the detail.
  2. It can often seem like a deliberate attempt to hide the detail, thus making the picture seem superficially better.

I’m pretty sure troops were segregated back then. Also agree on the main character lookin’ pretty weird. Rest of it looks nice.