Alligator Ragdoll (I'm providing model ^^)

Well, looking around for a certain model I founded this little fella :stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t have any alligators on Gmod so I thought that I might share this with the community to see if they can rig it and port it :slight_smile:

I believe it comes with a shitty ass texture, but we can always reskin it right? :smug:

Pics from mah friend Blender.

Download Link.

If it could be done it would be amazing for all the community :slight_smile:
PS: The model isn’t mine.

C’mmon! Dont tell me you dont want an Alligator model!
You know you want it :smiley:

I wanna make a Happy Gilmore comic so badly now.

That doesn’t look smoothed, if you can smooth it (as Milkshape doesn’t seem to smooth organic things well) I could have a go at rigging it, if I have time.

Also whats the .gsm file thats in the download?

The GSM is an file extension for the ArchiCAD (If I’m not wrong its an Architecture program), so nevermind it :stuck_out_tongue:

About the smoothing I’m gonna try to smooth it a little bit, but it might go seriously wrong since I’m not good at modeling or stuff related to it.

Argh I failed at smoothing the model, it was going well in the head and part of the chest but it began to get flatten :X and the alligator ended up with anorexia…

What would be the problem if its rigged like it is right now?

It would look really really bad :S (in many ways)

:confused: Im gonna try smoothing it again… I just hope for the best.
Or maybe someone around want to take the job! It aint that hard I guess… You just need to have some experience :stuck_out_tongue: