Allocating more ram to SRCDS server.

Hello. My server lags like hell when I have 20+ players. Is it possible to allocate more RAM to it? I want to try to see if that works-

So, I’m guessing it’s a FPS lag type (since you want to allocate more ram) and not your internet, The only way I know of is to use gamebooster (There is an option called Game Desktop, It minimizes/Closes all other programs while they run in background, Hides all desktop shortcuts and says that it allocates more RAM), Launch with those options and try (launch gmod with em), Otherwise you probably need a better computer.

The only reason I think that would help is because your running the server from SRCDS which is run off YOUR computer

Nope, the server’s running for a dedicated server which uses Windows Server 2008.

server specs?

I know that you wont believe me now but I only have 2gb ram on my dedicated and I can have 20 players without any fps lag, I think its something wrong with your gamemode actually, what gamemode are you running on your server?


I’ve tried to add -heapsize 6291456 in the launch options. Will not know until we reach 20 players again.