Allow FastDL to download Materials/resources files

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I have recently put a new PointShop skin, and this skin need image file for the HUD. I have already did that:
But when i connect to my server, the FastDL don’t wan’t to launch the materials and resources downloads files. (The fastdl ignore materials/resources files)
How can i fix that?

I saw, there are something to do with ressource.addfile, but how? Thank you.

The addon should automatically resource.AddFile() files needed, meaning that all you need to do is upload the files in the correct structure. The folders in the main directory should be:


and so on.
Your sv_downloadurl in your cfg/server.cfg should be something like

sv_downloadurl ""

Follow this tutorial.
If you’ve done all of that and uploaded the files correctly then there should be no problem.

I’ve done all this things!

The addon didn’t make resource.addFile () i think…

Look, “Content that must be manually added” loo

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Really need help

Post your FastDL code.

Your resource.AddFile should be somewhere like garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/resource.lua
And the code should look like this:[lua]
if SERVER then
resource.AddFile( “materials/porn/penis.vtf” );
resource.AddFile( “models/toys/cock.mdl” );
resource.AddFile( “sound/dick/squirt.wav” );
resource.AddFile( “resource/fonts/font.ttf” )