Allow Lanterns to be attached to walls and ceilings

Only allowing lanterns to be placed on floors makes for huge shadows and bad lighting. This could easily be fixed by allowing lanterns to be placed on walls and ceilings. I can place a lantern on the top of a post but not on a half wall. Anyone see any downside of this?

would be a good idea to a new model of flashlights for walls and ceilings

i’d like to see a simple wall mount for holding both torches and lanterns that way if you dont have a lantern you can place your torch but when you finally get a lantern you can hang it.

Would love to see this!! Home decorations, here… We… Go…!

i think the lamp should be a held item like the torch, just placeable too.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was throw-able?

hell yes:)

Good Times :wink:

If they make it ‘placeable’, they should also make it no clip. I don’t want to have to worry about placing lanterns in a way that will make it easier for someone to jump up walls. You shouldn’t be able to stand on a lantern.

Only if it starts allow low grade fuel as well, so when I thought it, it has a chance of becoming a makeshift Molotov cocktail with a fiery explosion. Home light to home defense.

Place it on your ceiling and it hangs down on a chain? That would be nice :slight_smile:

hell yeah would be awesome if we could burn twig buildings down or start a forest fire lol