Allow pixel shaders..?

Yes, I admit it, my graphics card is horrific. However, it DOES seem to work with pixel shaders. Problem is, source doesn’t seem to realise this and disables it (aw)
If I use lua_run to force “render.SupportsPixelShaders_2_0” to return true, suddenly the morph postprocess effect works! :O!
So does this mean I can use pixel shaders? They work fine on facewound

If it does, does anyone have something I can use to allow pixel shaders in garrysmod? Maybe a console command or a command line option? I’m running it with -dxlevel 81, so if that breaks it, tell me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, make it 90 or higher.

Tried that. Crashes garry’s mod on startup, which is the exact reason I downgraded it. Any other ways? :smiley:

To use pixel shaders to full extent, you have to run source engine at the highest directx level. Use -dxlevel 98 to enable all effects, but be advised it will turn every setting to the max, and since you’re using directx 81, for a reason, your video card won’t handle advanced directx9 effect (E.G. HDR)


If it crashes, it’s simply because your video card doesn’t support it.

Hm ok. This is strange, because for the first time that I started SMOD, I had forgotten to use -dxlevel 81, and it ran perfectly with DirectX 9 (blur when zooming, etc). And now, if I forget to use -dxlevel 81, it crashes.
Well I suppose if my card doesn’t like DX9 then it doesn’t like DX9 D: