Allow us to Rebind Mouse Wheel

I can’t rebind mouse wheel in game controls and I can’t use autohotkey to map mouse wheel to keyboard. FPS players are using mouse wheel to jump for more than 10 years now and you are messing up lot of people controls by not allowing us to rebind it. So please, PLEASE, fix it.

Been playing games, and especially FPS for… About 15 years now. Never used the wheel to jump, neither did any of my gamer friends. But regardless, I don’t think this is something that NEEDS to be implemented right now. There are a crapton of things that are way more urgent to do in the game.

Seriously? This is your answer? “Hey I’m not using the same key as you to jump, neither my friends do, so don’t think it’s a priority right now. My keys works perfect and I don’t care about the one you are using. I prefer to see a new colour beenie in the game. Bye.”

That’s my answer:
I don’t care if you or your friends don’t use mousewheel, plenty of other people do. All keys should be rebindable, and plenty of usefull controls like toggle crouch, sprint, walk or whatever should be implemented because people have their own preference and don’t need you to know what they want or not. Those are mandatory fixes that break people gameplay right now.

Writing “PLEASE” will not prioritize your mouse wheel problem. Btw do you use your ring finger for right click i wonder?

Okay, let me get this straight. I DID not say nobody was using their mouse wheel to jump. I was just responding to your “FPS players are using mouse wheel to jump for more than 10 years” by something like “I’m a FPS player. I’ve been since I was able to hold properly a mouse. So do a lot of my friends. I’ve never used that”. It wasn’t meant to be criticism, I was just putting it into perspective, saying that it might not be as common as you think.

But pardon me, I think that even though your point might be valid for some people, you’re acting as if it were a HIGH LEVEL PRIORITY. Currently, there are huge performance issues. There are bugs, lags, glitches, exploits, flying horses, unlootable bodies, delayed voice chat, and I’m not even scraping the surface of what’s left to fix (again, not a criticism, I think devs are doing a tremendous job). THESE are game breaking issues. Having to use spacebar to jump like 95% of other people is, I’m sorry, NOT one of them. It might come, but don’t pretend that you’re not able to play properly. That’s moronic.

I like to believe the OP was trolling from the start. Otherwise he has some kind of entitlement issue.

As a French, all of us do :smiley:

He’s asking for a feature he finds really useful, how is he acting entitled exactly?

The problem is not asking for a feature. The problem is pretending that it’s a highly important request and then denying people who say otherwise.

What the fuck is the point of mouse wheel to jump in rust anyway? This isn’t the source engine where you can bunny hop with the wheel, you only need to jump once in this game.

The problem is the OP asked for a function and some chose to come into this thread and tell him his want is not valid. Who cares what you think is a priority or not? I don’t. For the OP it is a priority so he has a valid reason for asking for this. You don’t agree? Fine…visit another thread.

I agree that using the wheel for jumping is odd but it doesn’t matter if I think it’s odd or not.

That said may I suggest OP that you use some mouse software to rebind your wheel to do what you want? Just set the wheel to act as the space bar or whatever other key you want. Then when you play you will be able to use the wheel for jump.

Not true at all. If someone makes a stupid suggestion, it’s perfectly acceptable to come in and tell him his idea is stupid. It’s how the developers know what we want and don’t want. If no one ever shot down dumb ideas, we’d have the most fucked up game ever.

That said, I see no harm in the OP’s idea. Nor did I feel like he was being overtly entitled in the way he wrote out his request. Go ahead and implement it. I’d love more customization and would make great use out of it (not to jump though, that’s just dumb lol).

While they’re at it, I wish they’d add in support for more than just the ~4(?) basic mouse buttons currently available and allow me to make use of the full capacity of my 15 button mouse.

I assume he doesn’t mean scrolling the mouse wheel, but rather the mouse click you get by pressing the wheel down.

I’d just like to add Reload to my mouse

I want to be able to shoot, move the cursor, change weapons, make a breakfast burrito and slice cheese with my laptop’s touchpad. :surrender:

Most of the ppl that use mouse wheel for jump are expert bunny hoppers or enthusiasts. While I don’t see Rust as being something you want to bunny hop a lot in, I don’t see a reason why he shouldn’t be able to have the freedom to that if he likes. Makes perfect sense to me that a pretty standard button like the mouse wheel would be bindable.

We are not discussing a stupid suggestion though. This is a valid suggestion. This is PC gaming. We PC gamers are used to being able to re-bind all the keys. Games that don’t allow this piss many of us off.

Furthermore even if someone (not this OP) makes a stupid request; that doesn’t mean it will make it into the game. If it does it will be because many people chimed in wanting this feature and the Dev’s decided to put it into the game. At this point it is no longer a stupid idea.

The best way to keep stupid ideas away from the Devs would be to completely ignore the guy’s post asking for it.

The OP isn’t asking for anything that shouldn’t already be in a game anyway. Considering this ‘Alpha’ has been out as long as it has and IMO a pretty solid game tbh; I don’t think something like re-binding keys to be too much to ask for.

Just my two cents…

Here is what I use to bind keys on the mouse…added jump!

False again. We are talking about a suggestion YOU think is valid. Coincidentally, I agree. But that doesn’t mean someone else can’t disagree. So long as they can do it constructively, no one should ever feel prohibited from presenting a counter point to any proposed suggestion.

I never stated anyone couldn’t disagree. But disagreeing and telling someone their idea is stupid is not the best way to go about it. Why not just respond like an adult and move on? I don’t know what else to say. I only responded to this thread because re-binding keys is something most any PC gamer expects. People were telling him it’s stupid. I just don’t understand why.

Anyways I think you just want to argue. I’ll leave you to it and I’ll stay clear of this topic.

agree that keybinding should be better implemented eventually. disagree that we jump enough in this game to freak out about how soon the OP can bind it to the mousewheel.

also, for the sake of census i have never used the mousewheel for jump, and been playing FPS games since wolfenstein was cool.

As I said, easyanticheat is blocking all mouse software that I tried to map mousewheel to a key. (autohotkey, x-mouse, hydra, and others) Only solution left I guess is to buy a new mouse with an integrated software like Razer synapse. Logitech software won’t do it for my g100s. And actually I wanted to buy a Zowie ZA13 and not razer because I don’t like their mouses. Problem is zowie don’t use software for their mouse. I hope people who like to argue will start to see we have a problem here.