Allowing entities to be 'used'.

I am trying to make various physics props have a menu appear on them when ‘use’ is pressed while looking at them. To this end, I have run ‘entity:SetUseType(SIMPLE_USE)’ on all of them.
However, only some of them are usable, and they were usable before.
For instance, this prop always shows up in GM:PlayerUse()

while this one doesn’t.

How do I make it so all the physics props I have chosen show up in GM:PlayerUse when ‘use’ is pressed on them?

Um… you can just simply check their model/whatever in PlayerUse. It gets called on all entities. If for some reason it doesn’t, you can use KeyPressed.

In fact, it doesn’t.
For some entities it’s not called at all, for some entities (like prop_physics) it depends on what model they are and for others it is always called. I am using KeyPress for now, but I wanted to use PlayerUse because that’s the hook you’re supposed to use, which is why I posted this.

Don’t set the use type and do this:

if act:KeyDownLast(IN_USE) then return end

That will stop it from calling more than once.