Allowing noclip to specific DarkRP Jobs only

Hey everyone!

So I am working on a GMOD DarkRP Server with a friend, and we want to allow Our admin on duty job (TEAM_ADMI) to be able to noclip



Okay, you have to mess with this hook
But seems like you are just asking a “Give me the code”

So no…No one will code it for you, find a friend or hire someone

hook.Add(“PlayerNoClip”, “AoDNoClip”, function(ply)
if IsValid(ply) and ply:Team() == TEAM_ADMI then
return true

Straight off of a half assed google search.

Sorry, didn’t mean to be seeming like someone give me the code, I just wanted a guideline, like that.



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Tried that didn’t work

Yeah…Sure…Good luck finding someone that spoon the feed for you

[sp]garmet gave you a code that works, but you had a typo, but as you are expecting someone to find it…[/sp]

Yo, I did search on google and found that, but it didn’t work

Check your post because i could find the typo, check your teams, if you are not going to even try, then hire someone

Ha. He did say TEAM_ADMI, didn’t he?

Ok, whatever, I don’t need people just posting so I am marking as solved