Allowing Non VIPs to see classes

This is what I currently use which allows VIP’s to become certain classes

TEAM_PROMEDIC = AddExtraTeam(“Pro Medic (VIP)”, Color(0, 153, 204, 255), “models/player/Kleiner.mdl”, [[You’re a pro medic, your job is to heal those,
who are low on health and receive payment for it,
and you can also use the Pro Med Gun, medic kits
and spawn health vials.]], {“hl2_combo_fists”,“pro_med_kit”}, “jobpromedic”, 5, 75, 0, false, false, false, function(ply) return ply:CheckGroup(“vip”) or ply:CheckGroup(“operator”) or ply:IsAdmin() end )

Is there a way to edit this so when normal players click the class it tells them vip only, as this doesnt appear in the jobs section for non vips.