Alma Is Coming For You!

After an idea (which came to mind by Mrfantasticool) of trying to create a pic with Alma reaching out and touching you, this is what I came up with.

I wanted to have Alma climbing over and out of the pic, but the ragdoll doesn’t allow such things easily. After much cursing and crying, this is the result.
I wasn’t sure if Alma should have pupils, but it looked good at the time. And I decided to make things look a little more wierder by having her levitating nearby stuff; like the world around her is becoming more screwed up. If I can find a better way of making her able to climb out of the pic, I’ll probably update this one.

Posed in GMod, edited via Photoshop.

Alma’s face is shown rarely in FEAR, this pic would be a lot more convincing if it was darker and didn’t have her face

Interesting. I may have to look into this. Thanks muchly!

Also zoomed out more

Zoomed out more? Why would that make it better?

Too much face.

Even if it will be dark later on

Thanks for giving me nightmares.

Does this look more convincing for now?

Actually, I think I do prefer this one. Alma looks more nastier and clouded in mystery behind those big red eyes.

Second thoughts, nah. I want to see HER FACE. It took some doing to get the lighting right.

That’s actually pretty creepy. Good job.

She gun’ rape joo…

Kinda cool. Lighting was better in your previous Alma picture though.

Too dark, the contrast between this forum’s white and the picture’s black removes the depth in the picture. Remove the black bars, just make them white, the image will be smaller and there will be a lot more depth. You could even make it look like she’s coming out of a hole in the screen if pulled off correctly, but the black bars turned white would be just as good.

This would look SO much better in 3D (red+blue glasses)! :smiley:
Good job though ^^

Really? Hmmm, it did take a while to get the lighting right on her face.


Interesting, I’ll look into that. Thanks!

Wow creepy.
Go on mate and give me moar lessons on how to improve my pictures :smug:

Any better?
She’s coming out of the webpage for ya! :smiley:

Oh and just incase anyone was wondering, the guy to the right on the pic is still alive but his flesh has been seared and ripped up by Alma, who is basically torturing him (I’m a nice person) :smiley:

Color the white lines to alpha so that it’s transparent!

Mrfantasticool is more awesome than Gordon Freeman for these awesome ideas.

Hurf thats my new background.

Wash your hands, dirty little girl.