Alma Wade Fear2

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]Alma Wade Fear2

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Alma
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s mod and Alma

[tab]Download:[/tab] New Download link [/release]

This is just a Ragdoll of Alma kid. I let madman rigged this one, I just added the facial expression after.

Just drop “models” and “materials” folder into

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps(your account)\garrysmod\garrysmod



Madman: rigging
Monolith/WB Games, FEAR2**

Alma is Mad for Madman D:

I remove the phongs also.

Let me know if there anything wrong with it. Enjoy.

Very nice model! You got my DL :smiley:

Why did you put that first picture there!

Creeps me out :frowning:

She is crazy about you. What did you do to her mad?!

Second picture scared me.

Great job… but now that I’ve seen the face it’s even more creepier then usual.

Oh god not you too D:

Better than that other piece of garbage. Looks nice.

also phong to the maaaax

That’s an envmap from the looks of it. However, it also looks like there is phong and rimlighting, which is weird.

Stick with one of the other, especially on cloth.

fuck, I just lol’d so hard at the first picture

Is there anyway you can port this over to Episodes 0,1 and 2? This would be a awsome Alyx replacement. Alma rocks!

Alma wasn’t a Wade. Harlan already had Alice. Nice model though.

Unforgettabllleee, that’s what you areee,


No offense but her face doesn’t even look like that. In yours she looks like a guy and why is the dress all shiny?

Alma is a wade you silly person. You need to play the game more, Harlan is her father.

Where is this, I just replayed it. The laptop talked about her having telekenisis, and that when she was 15 she had Prototype 1(you) and 2(Paxton Fettel).


This story arc is all over the first title, in both the narrative and in the collectible intel (as well as in the sequel):

Harlan Wade = Alma and Alice’s father (Alma is far older than Alice actually)

Alma appears in two major different forms in the game. One as an eight year old (which represents when she was first put into cryostasis), the second more ‘gross’ version is the one that represents her at 24 (when she finally died after Harlan decided to disconnect her from life support)

Alma was a massively gifted psychic with ample abilities ranging from mind control to telekinesis. However, unlike most people with these abilities (they feed off their surroundings), Alma only fed off the negative energy from people. Thus, even at an early age she would induce nightmares in people and would cause scientists to have horrible illnesses. Henceforth, Harlan and the rest of the Project Origin/Icarus team decided to have her put in permanent suspended animation while they attempted to breed a “clone” or “successor”, if you will - FROM Alma (Harlan was under the impression that the ‘powers’ would be transferred in the process of carrying a child to term).

This process first produced Pointman (you’re character in FEAR) who was largely seen as a failure. The second child would be known as Paxton Fettel and took to all of the abilities his mother had quite quickly.

Long story short = Alma get’s pissed about the whole “taking my babies” thing, psychically connects minds with Fettel and forces him to kill some scientists at an early age. The project is closed, Alma is taken off life support and Fettel is locked up.

Some time later, Genevieve Aristede (president of the company that created the Origin/Icarus projects) decides that the project is still viable and sends in some scouting/recovery teams to the old offices. They are promptly destroyed (their presence awakens Alma’s latent psychic imprint - which is now extremely pissed off), as is a secondary team. Out of nowhere Paxton Fettel is “synch’ed” again via Alma’s psychic ability and gains control of the Replica Soldiers and goes off, murdering everyone and attempting to “release” Alma’s physical body from the cryostasis chamber.

It’s a great ragdoll! But the download link is dead. Any chance it can be reuploaded?

Then in 2, since Alma is released, she wants Sgt. Becket, 'cause Aristede made is link between her stronger, and she makes all Replica’s wake up. Then, to stop her you have to go so Still Island’s Amplafier, but Aristede shuts it down(the bitch) so she could still have ATC. You fight Keegan(a former comrade who Alma stuck in the chamber)while she uses you for sex. She is impregnated. Game ends.

Monolith left us with one hell of a cliffhanger.