Almost all players on my server crash when a player gets kicked

Oh yeh happened to me sorry, i didn’t know what i was talking about shouldn’t have said nothing.

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I keep having this problem when I drop clients with gatekeeper, however I had this problem while just using kickid also.

I’ve only noticed it while kicking clients shortly after saving to a local MySQL database. Might be completely unconnected but it’s something to look into.

I doubt it. Just today I kicked an afk player just standing around for about 3 minutes and everyone crashed.

It’s also really funny when you’re the only one that didn’t crash. I got loads of screen shots. :v:

When i had my old server, it was in the exact same way, but after i reinstalled my server i have not seen that problem ever since. You could try to reinstall if that’s any help.
Good Luck.

I have a similar issue, but it only occurs when scriptenforcer kicks certain people, I haven’t had it happen due to a standard kick yet.

Happens here too.
Sometimes it crashs players.

only happens sometimes on my server

Happens on my Xenon Server, didn’t notice it until I kicked some dude and everyone else lagged out.

Happens when the map changes as well sometimes.

I’ve never experienced this, so I have nothing to say, sorry.

Happened alot to me.

Kinda spooky to be the only one left while everyone else times out.

Is there a fix?

As a work around for now, run the console command “disconnect” or “quit” clientside? Oh and send a notification to chat to emulate the kick message.

hmm,this issue really needs to be fixed as I am getting allot of it.

This problem is really starting to get on my nerves. I want this to be fixed now.

Fully agree,its really annoying.