Almost all servers say "Server Full"

I’m getting sick of this problem, but when I keep trying to join servers all I get are “SERVER FULL” on every last one of them unless I pick a server with like 3-5 people in them. I filter out all non-secure, all full+empty, and all PW protected servers and I get a huge list of servers of all types yet I can’t join almost any. For one thing, I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or something else but there are about a billion results for this Xenon Hosting or some crap and all their servers are 127/128 capacity but all have varying pings - I have not tried to join these but they’re annoying because all the good servers are beneath them. Seems like a shady advertising technique probably with spoofed capacity - isn’t there a way Valve can stop letting people do this? Wish there was, it’s really annoying…especially bad in TF2…

Anyway back on topic, I try to join a server with say 49/52 - says full. Okay I buy it, maybe reserved slots or a delayed server count update. Fine. I try a server with 43/64 - full. Try another with 25/60 - full. WTF!? These servers are NO WHERE close to full and when I try to join, it is almost instantaneous in telling me the server is full. Among the many problems I just put up with in Gmod, this one I will not. What’s the deal? Why can’t I join any servers that aren’t almost totally empty? The servers I’m trying to join are all different providers so it’s not like they’re the same network, they’re all different styles (Different RP scripts, Fort Wars, Zombie Survival, etc. - only one I don’t join are DarkRP…ew…I think I was actually able to connect to one though with about 30 people on - go figure). I haven’t altered any settings on my end or changed anything at all. Do I have some kind of corrupt installation or something?

Assistance much appreciated…as it is I can’t really get on just about any server and I have no idea why.

I think I know how to fix this. Method 1. If you aren’t updating the server list after you disconnect from the old server then do so. Method 2. Right click the servers name, then find it’s ip from the server properties tab. In the console, type “connect (the servers ip)” without the quotes. Happy hunting.

i’m almost certain those fucking spam servers are responsible for it. this bug showed up at the same time as them, and goes away whenever they disappear.

what’s really weird is that it’s not a normal “full server” message where you can try and autojoin or something, it actually disconnects you from the server with the reason being "full server’.


Need to be careful of servers like that…

Sign out and back into Steam after this occurrence. This will invalidate your connection ticket, which the person running that server has taken.

This is caused by a SteamID spoofing program called “Serenity”. This means they can use your SteamID in servers.

Ahh, so those annoying scammy looking servers are responsible for this! And I haven’t even joined any of them either! How annoying. I will try said suggestions and see if that helps - dang spoofers!

Bump. This really needs a fix, this is pissing me off because I can’t play on any servers.

Same thing is happening to me too.

Restarting/re-logging steam does not seem to remedy this at all for me, this is starting to make me a little worried.

Add to your blacklisted servers list

I say… THEY DUN GOOFED! But don’t worry!

I’m so getting banned for unhelpful reply :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same for me :,(

Thats because the servers you are joining are Serenity farm servers, they collect your Steam Validation ticket when you connect then boot you so serenity users can use your ID in any GMod server they wish (Unless there is a working gatekeeper for it, like the last version)
Always view server info, if all clients have been in for roughly the same time its a farm server (Meaning, 40 people with 12 hours played time or something similar)

For people who don’t know…
Go in to garrysmod go on BlackListed servers tab -> add a server -> add the ip then -> add this address to the blacklist.

This. Always right click and click view server info to catch fake servers.

Follow CombineGuru’s steps to prevent the fake servers from showing. Signing out of Steam will prevent the Serenity users from using your SteamID.

Yep, I’m noticing this problem has gone away now that I’ve had to log out and back into Steam for an update the other day. I tried several servers that looked legit and was able to begin connecting to all of them. Those dang ID harvesters, Valve should ban their servers from the list plain out for doing that…good to know info though - hopefully this will help anyone else out who comes in and sees they’re having this same problem. Thanks for the info guys

im having the same problem

so aparently these are ‘spam’ servers
and you cant connect to spam servers?


but um i use to play on this one server and now i cant connecr “full server”

I am having the same problem. It was fixed for a few minutes when I deleted ClientRegistry.blob but then it returned.

They mimic popular servers - you probably joined what you think was the first one you had, but instead was a serenity farming server.