(almost) Alone in the dark...

Game over is close miss…



Worst Graphics ever.

Turn up your graphics.
The usage of sharpener is kind of eye rape.
Make it more dark to fit the title.
Pose on the Smoker make him look like he has arthritis.

My eyes really hurt, not a joke. Awww…

Office PC = Shit
This is the best xD

Dont use sharpen,turn up your graphics and work on your posing.

The angles are pretty dull too.

And throwing ragdolls on the ground randomly doesnt make them look like they died, you have to pose everything to make it look perfect, even dead bodies.

Also, use faceposing and fingerposing please.

I think if you die you dont do gestures xD

Dont try to make up excuses, embrace the C&C!

You do make gestures when you die, especially if you die in pain.

Do you saw dead bodies who died in pain? I saw and they dont… But yes, this pictures are a bunch of crap :smiley: